Baby Mama on a Budget


For all those ladies expecting or those who would like to have children in the future, this post gives you tips on how to save all ya coins for that little baby love. 

I have refused to purchase any maternity wear. One, because "help me, I'm poor" in my Kristen Wiig voice, and B, because I don't need the extra clutter. I'm six months pregnant, baby girl is growing rapidly, and I've not purchased a single clothing item since discovering the news. Sis, it's absolutely possible! If you have to purchase clothing for your pregnancy, you have the option to not buy maternity wear! It's overpriced and let's be honest, you'll only wear it for a few months in total. I'd rather have stuff that I'd wear no matter how big or small I am.

So how did I manage to not buy anything? In the midst of me preparing my house for baby and saving money for mat leave, I have actually ceased my obsessive clothing shopping. My wardrobe is stock full of super stretchy pieces: a must for curvy women. I own a ton of jumpsuits, maxi skirts, tube and crop tops, leggings, and flowy and form-accentuating dresses. I have gotten a lot of these items from Fashion Nova, Shop Chriss Zoe, Pretty Little Thing, and Babes and Felines over the last few years. Most of what I own are basics with pops of color. With this pregnancy being during the summer, I'm able to stay comfortable and trendy!

Saving money is all about being prepared. If your go-to style consists of curve-hugging clothing items, you're literally all set for pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss. My favorites are the one-size-fits-alls—like several of the pieces I'm wearing here—and flowy summer dresses. If you would like to be pregnant in the future (even if it's years from now) I'd suggest grabbing these kinds of items as soon as possible (inspo: @cierarogers, @laughloveandhippie). That way, you never have to worry if you're able to fit in your clothes. You won't have to spend $100 on a pair of jeans you'll wear for three months. Now I haven't worn jeans, but honestly I wouldn't want to right now in this Texas heat. It's all about those summer dresses and crop tops. But if you're pregnant during the fall/winter, yo, sweats are super in right now. I love the sweat street trend, too (inspo: @thethriftguru, @imfaroh, @vanimir). I love switching from fierce woman to casual tomboy constantly. So whatever your style, you're able to save money from buying any mat-wear.

To sum it all up, keep it simple. Stretchy separates and sets, crops, sundresses, leggings, sweats, baggy clothes, and cardigans or trenches: all awesome for pregnant ladies any season. And that's it! If you've got things like this in your closet now, you're set for your present or future, or when you unexpectedly become a mama (raises hand).

What's your go-to look this summer and why? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you Babes and Felines for providing the bomb items for this blog post and snatching me preggo or no preggo ;)


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