Be Your Own Xmas Tree


Better late than never, right?

The holiday season has always been exciting for me because it means extra glitter, extra gloss, extra everything. You go extra with your face, so go extra with that outfit too! Here are three different looks you can achieve whether you're at a Christmas party or a New Year's Eve celebration.

For the ladies who love black, this ItsAWhatever dress includes a señorita vibe. The frills make this perfect for anyone who wants to achieve that hourglass figure with elegance.


I felt too comfortable in this next look. I was inspired by a Rihanna shoot I found on Pinterest. It makes me think of the tomboy who wants to keep true to herself but still get a little glam. It's easy, sporty, but the tulle skirt adds that touch of holiday! I got the top at Boohoo, the skirt at Forever21, and the slides are from Nike.


If you follow my Instagram, you've seen this dress before. But with these lights tho chil'?! YUSSS. This dress is a show stopper from ShopChrissZoe that features an open torso and sky high slits. Add a fur coat and you're sure to make everyone stare. Wrapping yourself like a Christmas tree is optional, but totally recommended.


I kept this blog post short and sweet because, honestly, it's the holiday season and we're all rushing to get things done before we see family members and friends. So if you purchase any of these items, be sure to use my discount codes below. Thanks @hannabbraud for these awesome photos! Happy holidays my loves, and have an AMAZING 2018. Can't wait to see you there!

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