Casual Savage

YAASSSSSS. I am totally in love with this new style! I love that I'm adding in my typography. There will be more to come.

For this look, I had to bring in more khaki. I swear I wear other colors. I just got these amazing fur heels. Everyone is getting them in nude or black or pink, but I found them in green/khaki. I love finding those little differences in popular items. Paired with a black crop from Naked Wardrobe, Shuku New York lace leggings (may be sold out), a satin khaki Missguided bomber, and this must-have SAVAGE choker. Obviously, I had to animate a verse from the one and only Rihanna. I mean, how epic is this outfit?! This setting was perfect, too. 

Want to give a special shout out to my girl, Hanna, for taking shots even though she was sick. Love you!

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Savage choker (sold out, but may restock) | fur HEELS

Laura RowlandComment