Collab #2

Round 2 of my collab with @flaytv & @dominik_photo. @flaytv is really into Yeezy Season apparel, so we made sure to have some inspired shots for his page. The main reason I love Yeezy style fashion is because it's so simple. You can wear a huge t-shirt with some heels and you're slaying all day. 

I had so much fun doing this in Dallas. Collaborating has been a blast! But seriously my favorite part was after the shoot when we got pizza... 

Walking around Deep Ellum was so much fun. I was definitely nervous about the whole thing, but these two people helped me feel like a super star. If you ever get the chance to collab with someone, definitely do it. Obviously be careful if you don't know the person, but it's definitely a great experience to have. 

I haven't been doing much typography/design in my posts lately. That's because I'm keeping the focus on the clothing and the art in the scenes behind me. I especially loved this wall with the roses. It actually went great with my outfit. My shirt is @flaytv's and both pairs of shoes will be linked below. For my boss hat, you can save at with my code LARS10.


Lace up boots | Perspex Heels | Boss Hat