Finding My Blogger Style

I am posting only one photo for this blog post, because I want to give you a preview of what the future of is going to look like. I have been struggling with my personal fashion brand since I started blogging. But now, after really thinking about who I am, I've decided to combine my career as a graphic designer and my love for fashion. I love typography. I love dresses. I love amazing colors and graphics. And I love shoes and jackets.

I realized, although I receive so much inspiration from other bloggers like @stefneyv@thenuvogue@collette_emily, & @laylapanam, I wasn’t being myself. I tried to imitate rather than promote exactly who I am. So now, my art will also be apart of my blog. I am too excited about this!

I wanted to start this new look with this amazing YaniMuse Minnie hat. I'm not a hat person, and never have been, but I gave this one a chance because it is just too cute. This outfit combination just slayed me. #nudevibes. The girls at YaniMuse are just so sweet and cool. Definitely go shop with them. I will be posting more with these lovelies.

As usual, outfit details below :) Comment, babes!


Puff Hat | dress | PERSPEX HEELS