Nyasia, Girl Come Through!

 Top to bottom: KoKo, Bare, MiMi, Blunt

Top to bottom: KoKo, Bare, MiMi, Blunt

ANOTHER BLACK-OWNED BUSINESS. GUYS. I'm loving the work that I'm getting from such respectable brands owned by our beautiful black queens. And the fact that black women and women of color are taking over the world, like, this is what it's all about. This is what I'm about. I'm living for this. Believe me when I say I will not steer y'all wrong when it comes to product reviews. I'm a keep-it-real kinda woman.

Y'all know I'm 100% a fashion blogger. But when Nyasia contacted me about doing a product review on her lipsticks, I couldn't refuse. Nyasia Cosmetics is a Houston based company for women of color. I have been getting the biggest inspiration from my absolute favorite MUA, Natalie or @miss_enn11. I'm not sure why I'm more so drawn to her page than other artists, but she is absolute goals. She is such a sweetheart and is open to any questions you may have. Though I'm nowhere near her level, I did use her as inspiration for my look in this post. I've never been one to care too much about makeup, but I've been using her beauty routines, and I love the way this looks right now! Definitely give her a follow. I'm obsessed.

I received four different lippies from Nyasia Cosmetics: MiMi, Blunt, Bare, & KoKo (pictured in order, click to enlarge. Apparently, I don't know how to close my mouth, lmao). In every single one of my fashion photos, I'm wearing a Coloured Raine lipstick. So for those of you that love Coloured Raine or matte lippies in general, here are my thoughts on Nyasia Cosmetics:

• These matte lipsticks do not move. I swatched these babies on my lips and arm, let them dry, and they literally did not wipe away. I wore these every day for a week; I worked, hit the gym, ran errands, ate, and there was very little fading (just on the inside part of the bottom lip). To get the color off at the end of the day, I used my Lavender Body Oil from GlowwGoddess.com

• I personally care about every ingredient in a product. Ingredients are HUGE. You don't want toxic, cancer causing ingredients soaking into your skin. I used EWG's Skin Deep website to find the toxicity levels of the ingredients listed on the box. Although brands can be both vegan and cruelty-free, you have to check ingredients to make sure you aren't harming your skin and your body. The ingredients in Nyasia Cosmetics were all good for me. The only alarm I found was that they did contain some allergens, so make sure you aren't allergic to any of the ingredients before use.

• The price is less than Coloured Raine. I love Coloured Raine. I'm definitely a lifetime customer. But if I can get longer wear and same amount of product for $2 less from another black-owned company? Then yes. That is a deal.

My favorite is MiMi; I loved the purple tint to this shade. Blunt was a nice dark nude for me. Bare is a gorgeous peachy shade that definitely compliments olive-toned skin like mine. It's perfect for an everyday look to brighten up your face. KoKo is absolutely stunning. It's a deep, rich brown that's perfect for a glam night.

These went on smoothly and easily for me. If you do ever have a rough time putting on matte lipstick, try exfoliating your lips first then applying a light layer of lip balm. I was really happy with these colors and will definitely wear them consistently. These are very pigmented, light, and don't dry out your lips at all. I didn't have any patchiness issues at all! I just know these will be gorgeous with a lip gloss topper, and I can't wait to experiment more with makeup looks featuring these lippies.

Thank you Nyasia Cosmetics for gifting these beautiful matte lipsticks! Hope you babes enjoyed this review and let me know if you decide to purchase from this company! Tag me & Nyasia Cosmetics in your photos on IG.