Queen Mentality


When it comes to fashion, the key is confidence. Don't be afraid to do what you want to do. Without individuality, would fashion even exist? I used to be very self conscious about wearing my favorite outfits out of my house. I would literally start shaking in public. But it's all about changing your mentality—remind yourself, ladies, that you're a queen. I mean honestly, where would the world be without us? Put on that crown and conquer.

It took me awhile to feel comfortable taking pictures in the middle of public. I would get so nervous when people drove by. But in this shoot, I felt like I owned the street! I loved mixing a dressy and casual look. This Lovely Luxe dress paired with this Fashion Nova denim jacket brought a more casual feel. Instead of wearing just the dress to a fancy event, I went and got tacos with my bff!

I stayed in this outfit for the remainder of the night. My friend, Hanna, took these amazing night photos with her new manual Fuji camera. I'm obsessed with it. She is such a great photographer! I felt like a NYC model in time square, except I was only in Waco, TX. I just loved the blurred city lights in the background. This shoot really brought out my queen tendencies, and I hope this post inspires you to grow into your best you. Don't let anyone discourage you in fashion, style, or your life. Queens are still queens even if there is no king.

Outfit details below.

Blue Lace Dress (Store under construction) | Silver heels