Queens Uplifting Queens


By now, you all know how much I love supporting my fellow women in life, in business, in love. And you may also see from my Instagram, that I LOVE supporting black women & black-owned businesses. And I'm sure just about ALL of you are familiar with Chriss Zoë and her clothing store, ShopChrissZoë

Firstly, let me say that Chriss is the most kind-hearted, loving person. She's always so sweet, but don't take that kindness for weakness. She embodies the strong black woman. She is a hard worker, lover, and just an all encompassing beautiful person. If you need a role model in your life, she should be on your list. To read more, click here for her personal blog.

I cannot tell you how much of an honor it truly is to be part of the ShopChrissZoë brand. She has chosen me out of so many beautiful women to represent her. She even included me on her home page! Like what?! I freak out every time I see it. I've been following Chriss for awhile, even before I became a blogger. And for her to take notice of my style is just awe-striking. I'm humbled.

Now let's talk about the clothing. I have a ridiculous amount of items from ShopChrissZoë (I'm legit wearing ShopChrissZoë as I type this), both purchased on my own and PR. As a curvy lady, I love being able to buy stretchy clothes. I need something that conforms to my body and this store has just that. 

Truly, honestly, I've never been disappointed by any of my items. ShopChrissZoë is a basics online store, but her selection is anything but. Sometimes simple is better, but even if you want to be extra, that's totally doable with any of these items. I've mentioned before my 90s obsession, and I'm able to rock said style with so many of her pieces. In my experience, everything has been true to size (I'm a size medium, visit my Ask Me page for details). The material is always great, stretchy, and comfortable. I've worn her clothes for shoots, for nights out, for days out, and yes, even for work! You can always visit her Instagram page for any inspiration. And for all you mamas and dads out there, she has now included a Kids section on the site. 

In my opinion, it's hard these days to find a store that is actually respectable and stands for something. I don't want to just buy clothes, I want to know that I'm also doing something great. By purchasing from ShopChrissZoë, I know that I'm supporting the female image. I'm supporting every woman who was told that she wasn't thin enough, or pretty enough, or worth enough. I'm supporting a new confidence in women everywhere. And I'm supporting a black-owned business. I truly respect that Chriss has put her face on her brand. I love knowing who I'm buying from—a person, not a corporation, some old white guy in an office who makes all the profit yet does nothing.

Chriss, you're amazing; keep doing your thing, boss lady. Be sure to stay up to date on her amazing new arrivals by downloading her app at iTunes.

If you've bought from ShopChrissZoë, let me know about your experience! And if you're thinking of supporting her business, ask me any questions you may have. Thanks for reading, babes!