Summer Festival Inspo

Summer is officially in session! It's about time. I absolutely love the Texas heat. There's nothing better to bring in summer than with a bomb crop top and mini skirt. Major bonus points for the pineapple theme. For my collaboration with Joi-Louise The Label, I went with a festival fashion look since we just finished Coachella season. Joi-Louise is a fashion designer that focuses not only on the clothing, but the meaning of what you're wearing. She exudes feminism, and I'm all here for it! #bossbabes #turbofeminist. I've never been to Coachella, but this would definitely be on my list of outfits to wear during that time. Joi also has this amazing snakeskin print, and more designs, that you need to check out. But seriously, I'm so obsessed with the pineapple. Who isn't these days? Makes me want to have a piña colada and some pineapple chunks. And I love that the pattern is edgy rather than super cutesy/girly for this look.

The great thing about sets is you can break them up for other outfits. One day I'll wear the crop with some vintage jeans, and another day I'll wear the skirt with a fun bodysuit. The possibilites are endless. I kept the set together for this post and paired it with these laser cut heels inspired by Steve Madden—I couldn't resist. Just screamed festival style to me. Also, the more accessories, the better. Pile on all the jewelry you can! I then added my Shop J&G backpack, and I was ready to head out!

Here are some discount codes for you, loves! Also, check out my instagram for these posts. And if you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to comment below!

Joi-Louise The Label clothing: LARS15 // Shop J&G bags: LARS20%

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Pineapple set | Backpack | Lasercut heels